This year, Black Friday will fall on November 25th. Companies know this and preparations for the most prolific sales campaign of the year, Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday, and the Christmas sales campaigns, make us want to set our business to make the most of what is the stage of the year. It is during this time that more sales can be made; therefore, it is advisable to be well prepared for war and know the keys so this season we reach a high and profitable sales index.

In this post, we want to offer to small businesses 10 creative marketing strategies so your sales increase during Black Friday and thus you can adhere to this celebration that can do much good to your company if you know the keys to improve your sales.

Black Friday Email Marketing: Black Friday is the perfect excuse to send an email to your customers, Dhugal Dennison insists in his book Inbox, the importance of knowing how to intelligently know which are the better celebrations to send emails to our customers. It is important to create an original email with Black Friday topics, offers, or recommendations for your customers. People are more open to receiving emails when Black Friday is approaching because they are predisposed to buy. In fact, they will probably be waiting your email, take advantage of it, and make them know about your participation on Black Friday with a funny picture of you and your staff announcing the campaign in a funny way. Being creative in your Black Friday marketing campaigns is key, as most small businesses participate in this Holiday and aggressively reach out to current and prospective customers.

Modify our physical and online showcase: as Victor Valencia Lopez says in his book, Escaparatismo e Imagen Comercial Exterior, the time of vision of a showcase lasts only few seconds and therefore we must achieve in those few seconds so that the customer thinks that buying your product is beneficial and important to him. In this case, we can modify the theme of our business by adapting to Black Friday, black backgrounds, colorful banners and offers that customers are used to think that only establishments that have a good poster that announces Black Friday will celebrate it, and the same thing is applicable to our website, which is also economical to edit.

Different is better: Take advantage of the arrival of Black Friday to move your business to the streets, advertise in a creative way, with a funny mascot that draws attention to people who pass by the street or offer samples of your product if your business style makes it possible. Strategies involve getting out of the ordinary. Customers will inadvertently have noticed your business. If we want to draw attention we should lose the sense of embarrassment and do what others do not do, be active and original, is an essential factor on Black Friday.

Old and new: Black Friday is a good excuse to sell because people are looking for specific offers and products in advance. To take advantage, study what items are the most sought after in your sector. Black Friday is not all offers and discounts. You can take advantage to reduce prices of existing products and add new products with or without offers, normally in Black Friday store products get out of stock, observe what they are looking for and make sure that these products will be in your store in that dates, plus these new products added after studying customer interests will offer the customer a professional and updated image of the business that will make they think that you worry about their needs.

Emphasize a simple thing: To modify something as simple as what your employees where to work is enough to signal a change for the client, according to Nicky Hayes, well-known author of books on psychology like Direction of Work Teams. Company uniforms do not have a meaning by themselves if they do not have a purpose in the company. In our case, we will announce that our company will celebrate Black Friday. We can wear colorful or black colored clothing with prints or stickers that announce our participation in Black Friday.

Coupons, the holy grail of the buyer (and seller): We all like our regular business to reward loyalty with exclusive offers and discounts. Delivering coupons days before Black Friday makes your customers feel valued and want to spend that coupon you gave them. It can also be very useful that these coupons have a higher discount if the customer brings a friend, this way they talk about you, they recommend you to their friends and siblings and bring your business possible customers. Gwinner, Gremler, and Bitney conducted a survey in 1998 that consisted of a survey to better understand consumer interests in terms of customer loyalty. One of the factors most valued by consumers was access to coupons and discounts.

The value of social networks:Many companies use social networks to announce to their customers that they have a new range of products or that they have already restocked some of the usual products. In this case, Black Friday must be fervently present in our social networks so that the users who follow us know that we are going to offer them something that they will want to buy. We can also organize raffles with a prize that may be one of our most popular products if people subscribe to our page and add a few friends. The Vans company organized a raffle on their Facebook page, after few hours they received hundreds of submissions, raffles are a good choice if you know what to give.

Knowing the consumer is vital to sell: We propose ask your customers, on your website or social networks, which products they would like to have discounted during Black Friday, knowing what they want is very useful to know what to offer and how to offer it, this will also strengthen your relationship with the customer who now feel appreciated.

Efficient advertising: Now that Black Friday is approaching and the words “discount” and “purchase” are trending topics, advertising campaigns in search engines can be highly profitable, imagine how many people will be looking for discounts, offers, and promotions for the indicated day, and how Important is that they see in the search engines that you are one of the companies that can satisfy their needs. Google Adwords may be the best option since it structures the results by making them appear to potential customers looking for deals in your industry during Black Friday and these will see you on the first page of the search engine where, as said by Google, customers do the biggest part of their activity while searching for a service.

Single Day Offers: Although we can make occasional discounts throughout the year and this helps us to keep customers and to renew products, it is important that we make “exclusive” offers, Black Friday is a tribute to the purchase on the one hand and sale by another. If we want it to be a remarkable day for our company, we must get the client to know that these offers are not going to be repeated and that they are the best of the whole year. As recommended by Silvia Pinto Valero, a professor at ICEMD/ESIC and expert in digital marketing, she already emphasized the importance of preparing a well-argued speech to make the customers understand why our offer is important and make them think that our offers are unique and great.